Do you feel nervous or awkward when asking people to donate to your ride/charity?

You’re not alone!!!

Ocean’s Harbor House Mission: Provide shelter, support and services for vulnerable youth, enabling them to unlick their potential by learning skills that empower them to build successful lives, relationships and future.

Our Vision: All youth feel safe, empowered and equipped for successful futures.

Telling people about our mission and vision helps create more awareness about the challenges faced by homeless youth in our communities. Telling people that you are riding to raise funds to provide the essential gifts of shelter, food, services and hope for youth at risk, demonstrates that you care enough to take action!  You have committed to cycling miles and miles and their support of your participation shows they appreciate and commend your efforts!

Educating people about the cause of youth homelessness is the main key to gaining support from others ... not to mention that you are cycling a significant amount of miles!!! WOW!!

If you are dedicated to the cause and passionate about who the money will help, this often eliminates many of the boundaries! You’re not asking for money for you, you’re asking for money for youth in need to make sure they are safe today and empowered tomorrow!

Our mission is compelling and worthwhile and will change the lives of not only the young people served, but also the entire community.

Don't know what to do
and what to say?

You want to be sure to have a few main statements you are comfortable saying when asking people for donations. Let people know you are RIDING (tell them how many miles) or SUPPORTING the riders. Visit Ocean’s Harbor House for more information or click here to view the brochure.

How much do I ask for? Good question, it depends on who you are asking.  You should start with family, friends, colleagues and your employer. Think about who you spend money with – salons, area shops, etc. If you are a business owner, ask your vendors to support your efforts. Use your social media accounts like Facebook to direct them to your fundraising page. Instead of asking for a specific dollar amount, tell them how many miles you are riding and say “ I would appreciate your support in a dollar amount that is significant to you.”

Donations come with a slew of benefits, both tangible and intangible. Explain the tangible (obvious tax benefits etc.) and the intangible (this gives you the opportunity to pull heartstrings and really tell the story of Ocean's Harbor House). The path to success is to keep asking and there is a benefit to every in-person conversation with a donor. It builds the relationship and may even secure future donations.

Click on the link below to for more information about the shelter, support and services for vulnerable youth provided by Ocean's Harbor House.

Suggestions for Pledge Support

  • Set a goal - While the ride options provide the recommended dollar amount to be raised through pledges, if you aim for $500, it makes it easier to get to $250. Challenge yourself to go beyond the recommended dollar amount.
  • Make a list of everyone you know including family, friends, colleagues, classmates and business contacts.
  • Write to people (use social media, and other forms of correspondence), organizations and businesses you interact with, telling them why you are riding and how many miles you are riding.
  • Develop a team of fundraisers- have friends and family collect money for you at their places of business (e.g., throw a small party, barbecue, or other type of get-together- tell them about your upcoming ride- ask if they will help to support you).
  • Place a jar or pledge sheet (with a request note and a photo of you with your bike) at your favorite hangout.
  • Tag at your local food markets- call ahead and make reservations for weekend dates.
  • Use the contact form to reach out to Tim Zeiss to arrange for a collection and/or for you or an Ocean’s Harbor House representative to speak at your church or other group.
  • Ask donors if their company has a matching gift program - you can double their pledge if they do.

Email Writing Tips

  • Include why you are riding, how many miles you are riding, where you are going and when you are leaving.
  • Explain your excitement.
  • Provide background on Ocean's Harbor House.
  • Include the link to the Ride for New Beginnings website.
  • Suggest a pledge amount, e.g., .10/mile = $0.40.
  • Give a date, before you leave for the ride, that the money is due.
  • A separate sheet or tear-off portion that your addressee can return is helpful.

Please feel free to download the Sample Fundraising Letter provided in Word Format and the 2021 Sponsorship Form.

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